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Power in Numbers

ICF Projects

A compilation of projects ranging between a social media toolkit for National Child Abuse Prevention, infographic animations to provide foster care statistics and an annual report.

During my time with ICF, I led many projects by communicating with several teams about the goals, expectations, and deadlines to be met. I designed infographic animations to inform viewers of statistics. Upon approval, they've become a template for future data and the first videos the team ever published. Also, I've worked on several campaigns like National Child Abuse Prevention Month, which allowed me to create a series of social media graphics and the first-ever GIFs the team used. Lastly, I became the point of contact for all teams to share their yearly data with so that I could lay out a 250+ page annual report. In doing so, I edited their outdated template to make for a modern approach and managed their longest article to date.







Project Gallery

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